Our aim is to show you the original Austria – full of wonderful places, such as the many crystal-clear lakes in spectacular mountains and the charming villages in deep green valleys.

Explore a country full of vitality, history, culture, tradition and music and meet the friendly Austrian people.

Enjoy the variety of Austrian food, such as the traditional Schnitzel, dumplings, hunters’ snack or “Sacher Torte” (chocolate cake).

Austria offers preserved nature, spas, and ski resorts set on dream-like landscapes in the Alps.

Take a cruise on the blue Danube and taste the Austrian wine, explore the wonderful Alps and stunning cities and medieval towns.

Euregion Travel will take you to various places, like Salzburg – the city of Mozart, Innsbruck — the Olympic city in the middle of the Alps, to country villages at beautiful lakes and to the impressive countryside of the mountains.

According to recent studies Vienna, the Austrian capital, has the highest quality of life of all large cities worldwide. At one time the capital of the powerful Habsburg Empire, Vienna offers nostalgic baroque history, not to mention one of the liveliest music scenes in Europe.

Visit the places in Austria that have been declared World Culture Heritage or World Nature Heritage by the UNESCO.

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Austria in a secure environment.

60% of Austria is mountainous area. Austria offers every alpine sport you could imagine, in summertime and in winter! In Austria you can experience the pristine nature directly and immediately.

Summer holidays in the Austrian Alps offer various activities, such as easy hiking in the inspiring nature or mountaineering through the world-famous Alps, riding in the dreamlike mountain landscape, swimming in one of the clear and fresh mountain lakes, traditional festivals with dance and music, or stops in one of the cozy mountain shelters and restaurants. Mountain bike trails in the Austrian countryside are very well maintained.

First class spa hotels are highly popular and famous for their high quality.

Winter holidays in Austria offer sport activities like skiing in the Alps, Nordic skiing, hiking tours in the white winter wonder world and various Christmas markets.

Whenever you decide to visit Austria in spring, summer, autumn, winter you will find an outstanding destination with lovely towns, countryside and people.

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